Ski Working Holidays

Guide To Ski Resort Working Holidays

Heading to a ski resort is something that a lot of people want to do, but cannot afford to. If you are in this situation, you may want to consider a ski resort working holiday as Paul McCarthy Cork Tours outlines below. Before you jump into looking for these jobs, you need to know more about them and if any of the rumours you hear about are true.

Dispelling The Rumours

Before you get excited about these working holidays, you need to fully understand what you are getting into. There are a lot of myths and rumours about these jobs that are not true. It is best to dispel these rumours to ensure that you make an informed decision.

The first myth is that you will save a lot of money by working while enjoying the ski resort. This is not the case because you are not going to be earning a lot. Most of the working holiday jobs out there offer minimum wage unless you have a highly in-demand skill. While you are not going to boost your savings, you could break even if you are careful with your money.

Working at a ski resort does not necessarily mean you are going to see a lot of snow. There are years when resorts get very little snow and there is no predicting the weather patterns. If you are heading out for a lot of snow, you might be disappointed.

The last myth is that these jobs are a lot of fun. If you have one of the outdoor jobs at these resorts, you are going to be out in the elements all day regardless of the weather. This is not very fun and you will have to be pleasant to everyone there. A lot of the jobs are tiring and not the best for those who do not like working with people.

Finding Ski Resort Working Holidays

If you still want to look at a working holiday, you need to know how to find these jobs. One of the easiest methods is to work with an agency. However, agencies charge a fee to find and place you. If you need a visa to work at the resort, the agency will handle this for you which can be very helpful. Most recommend working with an agency if this is your first working holiday.

You can also look for these jobs yourself, but you will need to understand all the requirements for working in another country. Doing this does give you more control over where you go and what you are going to do. However, it is a harder option because agencies have connections with ski resorts and know what is needed.

The Jobs You Can Get

There are a few different jobs you can get on a ski resort and you need to know what they entail. If you want to be outdoors, but are not a ski instructor, you can look at lift attendant jobs. These jobs have early starts and you will be outside regardless of the weather. Your responsibility is to work the lift and help people on an off.

If you do not want to be outside, there are a lot of jobs that you can choose from. You could work in the rental shop or other retail outlets. Housekeeping and other hospitality jobs are also available. Housekeeping work takes up your days leaving your evenings open while hospitality work is the other way leaving the day free for hitting the slopes.

If you like skiing, you might want to consider a ski resort working holiday. While you are not going to save money with these holidays, you will be able to work and enjoy the resort.